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Who we are

A Paris based e-commerce growth agency, Studio Particulier is willing to accompany brands wishing to maximise their ROI via their e-commerce website. This sector has been growing continually for the last 10 years, and on-line selling has become a very competitive environment for which each element is essential.

Specialised in images and their production, our studio is an ideal partner to work with to think about the way you can tackle the consistency of your e-shop contents. With our help you can rethink the way of producing your digital contents, work on the way they are built in a macro-environment to make them progress while corresponding to your means and resources, giving added value to your work.

The founder

Guillaume Dassonville
Founder / Consultant

He is a specialist in images and is passionately interested in digital business. He has worked as head of content production for Kiabi.

Our Skills


    We act on the environment of your images to enhance user experience and increase your transformation rate.


    We can work on your image context to make your website faster, easier and more efficient for your customers so that you will increase your conversion rate in the end.

  • Assistance with production

    We assist your team in the use of their resources using new production techniques.


    We will adjust our diagnosis and take your means and needs into account to set a reachable goal that will make your project gain value.


    We can help you to make your Print, your website as well as your social networks more efficient and easily readable.


    We can organize shootings, from the brief to the finalized images.